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Empowering Leaders and Organisations

Change is the only constant. Whether on a personal or a Company level, our purpose is to enable leaders and their teams to move forward and optimise their performance to achieve their vision of success.  


At The Change Agent, we offer a range of services designed to inspire, advise and empower our clients to boldly take the next steps in pursuit of their goals. Through tailored consultancy, assessments, training and coaching programmes, we offer a blend of expert insight, hands-on support and effective strategies to help leaders and organisations thrive. We believe that the right mindset, paired with tried-and-tested techniques and research-based competencies, can help you develop a new approach to navigating this next chapter of your business and your leadership.


Who We Are

The Change Agent is made up of a network of experienced professionals working across the fields of Human Resources, Psychology, Coaching and Business, who share a common passion for promoting and enabling change. Led by our founder Dr Elaine Dutton, we aspire to guide individuals, leaders and their teams to develop new approaches and optimise their performance in pursuit of their goals. Together, we help leaders and their businesses achieve their visions of success

Simon Cook 

CEO, Universal Air

"Elaine’s stewardship of our Chief's workshop was invaluable, and the event proved to be a useful experience for all of us. The workshop provided not only a chance to delve into the intricacies of our work but also served as a reminder of the importance of stepping out of the office environment. It encouraged us to reflect not only on what we're doing but, more importantly, on the "why" and I feel confident we have much more alignment."

Patrick Cachia

Managing Director, TEVA Pharmaceuticals

"The Teva site in Malta boasts more than 530 skilled employees and is a global supplier of medicines. An integral part of this success is the leadership and management training sessions conducted by Elaine Dutton. All levels of the organisation look forward to the enlightening and relevant sessions held with Elaine due to her very strong communication and presentation skills, and her focused and open interactive approach with the different levels. Elaine strikes a very good balance between educating and engaging company employees to go the extra mile and learn new skills both for their professional development and personal investment. "

Albert Alsina

Founder, CEO & Group Managing Partner,  Mediterrania Capital Partners

"Elaine is the backbone of our HR organisational evolution. With her annual 360-degree reviews, she not only enhances the abilities of our key personnel but also orchestrates a harmonious alignment with Mediterrania Capital Partners' culture. Her profound understanding of our ethos and relentless commitment to feedback have woven an invaluable fabric of growth and cohesion within our firm and the company’s talent."

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